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Every year, a crazy shopping season occurs, eliciting strong emotions in marketers and customer service representatives. The former rummage through their minds for novel ideas that will entice customers. The latter gets chills just thinking about the volume of customer issues they’ll have to deal with that day.

Businesses must adhere to time periods such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Christmas, and 11.11. On the one hand, you fantasise about being inundated with traffic. Increased traffic, on the other hand, leads to an increase in customer inquiries. Furthermore, the more cases your team must manage at the same time, the less efficiently they work.

With the pandemic’s effects expected to last for a long time, we will undoubtedly see the long-term effects of people continuing to buy goods online to avoid going out unnecessarily. Use a customer service chatbot to turn your problems into victories.

Chatbots can help you with the following issues:

Personnel Shortage

Chatbots are excellent as the first point of contact for customer support. They respond to simple questions, reducing the amount of busy work for customer service teams. More importantly, unlike human agents, they can work continuously and handle multiple questions at the same time.

As a result, chatbots are the answer to all staffing problems. They will help you if you are unable to keep up with new cases, if your team is understaffed, or if agents are required to stop accepting chats to perform other human tasks.

By contacting ViSight Chatbot, you can use our services to create a customer service chatbot. Our team will work with you to create a chatbot that will guide customers through your website or blog, provide necessary information, and initiate a call with you when necessary.

Reduction of Operating Expenses

Effective customer service can be expensive, but chatbots can help offset some of these expenses. They handle a high volume of inquiries, removing the need to hire or train additional agents during peak seasons in retail, such as the upcoming holidays.

According to Maruti Techlabs, customer service chatbots can save businesses up to 30% on operational costs by lowering the cost of a product or service query.

Monotony in the Workplace

Chatbots can be a lifesaver for teams that are sick and tired of answering the same questions over and over. Indeed, in the modern era, repetitive tasks have become a significant issue for employers.

Customer service representatives who answer the same questions hour after hour become bored, which can lead to employee turnover. They grow dissatisfied with their jobs and are more likely to look for new ones. As a result, companies hire more frequently and invest more in recruiting and training.

You can free up your agents’ time to focus on more difficult tasks by using a chatbot to filter and resolve simple queries, while also increasing their productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Artificial intelligence will never be able to replicate the human touch. That is not a possibility. Chatbots, on the other hand, win in terms of productivity and speed. They are an excellent tool for dealing with customer annoyance caused by long wait times.

Customers emphasise the importance of issue resolution time when it comes to providing excellent customer service, according to a SuperOffice study. The most frustrating aspect of customer service, according to the same study, is waiting on hold and explaining the same thing to multiple representatives.

You can significantly improve your response time by using ChatBot. It also keeps track of conversations. When a human agent takes over a case, they can quickly catch up without asking the customer to repeat their issue. Increased customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Benefits of Using Chatbots

Attract even the most uninterested customers

According to a HubSpot article, users spend less than 15 seconds on average on your website. It’s not much time, but it’s enough for a bot to pique a visitor’s interest and start a conversation. And what better way to pique someone’s interest than with GIFs, cards, buttons, and, most importantly, quick responses?

Visuals bring your stories to life and draw users’ attention to important details. They are an excellent way to increase click-through and response rates. Furthermore, interactive elements contribute to the development of an intuitive interaction flow that promotes conversation.

Personalize your recommendations

ChatBot acts as a virtual shop assistant, advising customers and ensuring they find exactly what they’re looking for.

The bot will display available options through navigational buttons and will ask users a series of clarifying questions about the product category, size, and any potential colours they are looking for.

Using buttons to create an excellent user experience is a simple way to do so because they allow users to express their needs without having to write a single word. Following the collection of information about a person’s preferences, a bot quickly identifies offers that match the customer’s interests and sends recommendations via appealing cards or product carousels. Because the user does not have to switch between tabs, they will get to the end of your storey much faster.

Reduce the purchasing process’s complexity.

The customer service bot is an excellent conversationalist, but it is not the only one. It has the ability to streamline the entire purchasing process and guide a customer through the checkout process.

Even better, a chatbot can display currently on-sale products and promote your best deals. It automatically adds customer-selected items to shopping carts and totals orders. Customers can also pay directly in the chat window, as the payment process can be embedded in the widget.

To improve the user experience even more, we can develop a package tracking bot for your company, allowing customers to check the status of their deliveries and receive notifications when their long-awaited package arrives.

Automated Returns

Answering phone calls about returns isn’t the most exciting job. Furthermore, it is not the most profitable. This process is automated by ChatBot, making it more convenient for customers and less painful for you.

At the customer’s convenience, the bot collects order information and accepts returns. You save time by not having to deal with returns, which allows you to devote more time to attract new customers.

Gathering Feedback

A happy customer is more likely to become a paying customer. As a result, it is critical that you understand your customers’ interests, needs, and pain points. This is made possible by a chatbot dedicated to assisting you with surveys.

It collects customer feedback for you, allowing you to learn more about your target audience. The data will help you tailor more effective offers and remove conversion barriers.

Another holiday season is approaching faster than we can blink, so don’t waste any time. Use chatbots to improve the user experience and ensure that every customer receives prompt and effective customer service.

Please contact us if you have any questions about chatbots and how they can help your business model. Please visit our website or call us at 1-800-22-2020.

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