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COVID-19 and how chatbots can help

Amidst the economic and societal confusion caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, chatbot solutions rose as a necessary business tool to facilitate effective and efficient communication between organisations and their customers.
The potential for chatbots cannot be understated: by 2024, it is predicted that consumer retail spends via chatbots worldwide will reach $142 billion, compared to a mere $2.8 billion in 2019 in comparison. The following are all impacts that can support your business:

LivePerson reported that 90% of consumers are more likely to do business with companies that answer enquiries instantly. Chatbots are the best available method to ensure that potential and active customers receive the immediate response that they deserve.

Allow your business to leverage employee time efficiently by automatically answering FAQ queries of level 1 complexity via your chatbot. With enough data and training, your bot will be able to develop the capability to answer level 2 and 3 queries.

If your support agents are off-the-clock or unavailable under any circumstances, a chatbot can step in to provide links to resources and answer variety of enquiries. If there is a need for escalation,  the bot can escalate to any available customer service agents.

Discover ViSight Chatbot, a
multi-lingual AI-powered chatbot

Chatbots live in all sorts of different channels and with ViSight Chatbot
we combine multi-lingual capabilities along with data analytics to facilitate business operations and ease customer service demands.

ViSight Chatbot allows you to connect with, learn from and improve for your customers. 

Native multi-lingual support

Our multi-lingual capabilities, with a heavy focus on South East Asian languages (such as Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Thai or Vietnamese) allows us to prepare for bilingual, and even trilingual chatbot interactions. 

Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp Partnerships

Through ViSight Chatbot’s partnerships with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, organisations have access and are able to leverage on these platforms to give their customers a multi-platform experience.

Local expertise, varied experience

Our local expertise in implementing anywhere from small to large scale bots in industries such as healthcare, insurance, finance and more, will help us tailor a bot for your organisation’s specific needs.

ViSight Chatbot Use Cases